Pay Per Call Affiliate Marketing Using Craigslist (Step By Step)

In this thrilling episode Matt Wacek describes a step by step process for creating craigslist ads to promote pay per call affiliate offers. Be sure to read the pinned comment to learn about this method in 2020 and beyond.


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I’m a digital marketing entrepreneur (built & sold my lawn/landscape/snow business from 2011-2016) documenting my journey of growing my marketing company and sharing my daily life to show what’s possible with internet marketing.

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42 thoughts on “Pay Per Call Affiliate Marketing Using Craigslist (Step By Step)”

  1. 2020 UPDATE: I no longer use Craigslist to generate traffic. I build websites and rank them – by far the most effective way to gain traction with the local affiliate/pay per call/lead gen business model (yes you have to invest capital to do so) but the networks that offer Craigslist traffic specific offers or allow it for regular offers are still out there, such as Aragon.
    ALSO for the record: the network I work with now (Lead Smart) does not allow Craigslist traffic. If you want to try Craigslist specific offers you can give it a shot, but know the best traffic source will be organic traffic from local search results.

  2. I didn't know that the $5.00 was for all adds. I thought it was just to list a vehicle for sale. The great response you gave to being charged changed how I view it.

  3. Hi .Quick question. Im not sure how area codes in Usa work. If I get a number for 1 offer that is in several states but number has lets say (872) that is Illinois and I advertise to all the states supported will people in other states not want to call or think its not for them due to that "area code" number ?

  4. You laid out this video very well. Can you do a video of the results? I wonder if it's profitable because of all the competition you showed on craigslist and also the 90 second requirement seems long.

  5. Tnx man for the vid,
    I am considering to use Craig's list for getting some calls besize adwords and SEO for my ppl client. Do you have on mind some other free ad platforms or low cost like this that are okay?

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